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7 Best Bench Press Exercises Using Crandall Fitness Equipment

Bench pressing is a foundational exercise for building upper body strength, and with Crandall Fitness Equipment, you can take your workouts to the next level. Here are seven of the best bench press exercises to enhance your routine:

1. **Flat Bench Press**

Start with the classic flat bench press to build mass and strength across your entire chest. Use the Crandall adjustable bench to set up in a flat position. Lie back, plant your feet firmly, and press the barbell from chest to full extension for comprehensive chest engagement.

2. **Incline Bench Press**

Target your upper chest by setting the Crandall bench to an incline. This variation shifts some of the work from the lower to the upper pecs, promoting balanced muscle development. Remember to adjust the angle to hit different parts of your upper chest.

3. **Decline Bench Press**

For focus on the lower chest, set up the bench on a decline. The decline bench press helps emphasize the lower pectoral muscles, providing a fuller, more defined look. Secure your legs at the end of the bench to maintain proper form throughout the exercise.

4. **Close-Grip Bench Press**

This exercise shifts some of the emphasis from the chest to the triceps. Using a closer grip on the bar while performing the bench press on the Crandall flat bench will help you build arm strength and add variety to your chest workouts.

5. **Reverse Grip Bench Press**

Flip your grip around so that your palms face towards you. This unusual grip not only targets the upper chest but also engages the muscles in your forearms and biceps differently, making for an interesting variation using your Crandall barbell.

6. **Dumbbell Bench Press**

Swap out the barbell for a pair of Crandall dumbbells and perform the bench press to engage more stabilizing muscles. The dumbbell version can be done on a flat, incline, or decline bench and allows for a greater range of motion, enhancing muscle activation.

7. **Single-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press**

Increase core engagement and challenge your balance by pressing with one arm at a time. This exercise, performed on any Crandall bench, ensures that you're building symmetrical strength and stability across your chest and core.

Incorporating these exercises into your regimen with Crandall Fitness Equipment offers both variety and comprehensive conditioning for your upper body. Whether you're looking to start a new fitness journey or spice up your current routine, these bench press variations are sure to help you achieve your strength and fitness goals.

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Great advice. Thanks. I'm looking for a new bench, and this helps

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