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19 Effective Exercises for the Crandall Fitness Free Motion Swing Arms

Updated: May 22

The Crandall Fitness Free Motion Swing Arms offer a versatile platform for enhancing your workout routine. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, these swing arms can help you target specific muscle groups effectively. Below, we explore 19 exercises that utilize the unique capabilities of the Crandall Fitness swing arms to improve strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.

1. **Chest Press**

Position the swing arms to chest height and face away from the machine. Grip the handles and push them forward until your arms are extended, engaging your chest muscles.

2. **Reverse Fly**

Adjust the swing arms to the lowest setting. Stand facing the machine, grab the handles with crossed arms, and pull outward and upward, squeezing your shoulder blades together.

3. **Tricep Extensions**

Set the swing arms above your head. Facing away from the machine, hold the handles and extend your arms upward to target your triceps.

4. **Bicep Curls**

Bring the swing arms to waist height. Face away from the machine, grab the handles, and curl your arms towards your shoulders.

5. **Shoulder Press**

Position the swing arms just above shoulder height. Facing away, press the handles straight up above your head.

6. **Lateral Raise**

Adjust the arms to the lowest setting. Stand beside the machine, lift the handle out to the side to shoulder height, and repeat on the other side.

7. **Squats**

Set the swing arms at shoulder height and hold the handles in front of you. Squat down while keeping your chest up and arms extended.

8. **Lunges**

Position the swing arms at mid-height. Step forward into a lunge while holding the handles to help maintain balance.

9. **Standing Rows**

Set the arms low and face the machine. Pull the handles towards your abdomen, squeezing your back muscles.

10. **Rotational Torso Twists**

Adjust the swing arms to waist height. Hold a handle with both hands, rotate your torso, and pivot your feet accordingly.

11. **Leg Raises**

Attach ankle straps if available. Lie on the ground, and use the swing arms to lift your legs using your lower abdominals.

12. **Standing Leg Curl**

Attach ankle straps. Stand facing the machine and curl your leg backward, focusing on your hamstrings.

13. **Hip Abduction**

Set the swing arm low, attach a strap to your ankle, and move your leg away from your body, targeting the outer thighs.

14. **Hip Adduction**

Similar to hip abduction, but move your leg across the front of your body to work the inner thighs.

15. **Calf Raises**

Position yourself facing away from the machine and perform calf raises for lower leg strength.

16. **High Pulls**

Set the swing arms above head height. Pull the handles down in a sharp motion, engaging your upper back and shoulders.

17. **Upright Row**

Adjust the swing arms to the lowest setting, face the machine, and lift the handles vertically along your body.

18. **Plank**

Use the swing arms to hold your body in a plank position by gripping the handles while facing up, adding instability to the exercise.

19. **Cross-body Mountain Climbers**

Set the swing arms on the ground level. Get into a plank position and alternately bring each knee towards the opposite elbow.

These exercises offer a comprehensive workout that can be adjusted based on fitness levels and goals. Incorporating the Crandall Fitness Free Motion Swing Arms into your routine can provide a dynamic and effective way to enhance muscle tone, strength, and endurance. Always ensure to perform each exercise with proper form and adjust the resistance to suit your capability. Happy exercising!

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