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Our Story

A higher level of fit.


I started lifting weights at home when I was 16 years old. I used the money I made working in the summer to buy my 1st pieces of equipment. I knew I wanted it to last, so I purchased quality equipment from the same company that our school used. We lived on a farm and there weren’t any “gyms” in our hometown.  So I figured I would lift at home so I can do it whenever I could. This is where my passion for home gyms and fitness began. 

Well for over 20 years, I’ve been building up my home gym. I’ve always loved being able to walk right in and work out 24/7/365. I play the music I want and never have to wait for equipment to free up. This is what sparked my drive to start Crandall Fitness. I wanted to provide high-quality equipment that will last a lifetime at a price that the average person could afford.  I would rather make less money and get gyms into more peoples homes, than maximize profit from each customer.  I want entire families to train together and build a culture in the family of fitness and exercise.  I use everything I sell at home to make sure the quality is exactly what I expected when I started buying equipment all those years ago. 

I still get excited when I show people the products we sell because I know how great they are. I put a lot of thought and detail into each piece–from the design of the weights, to the custom styles of bars, to the laser-cut numbers on the power racks, to the quality of the steel that we use. I believe true quality is in every detail. That’s why our equipment is just as well-suited in a commercial gym as it is in a home gym. We want the quality that you get at a big-box gym to come home with you, so you’ll never have to worry about getting the best for your money. 

Now with the growing demand for home fitness equipment and a healthier lifestyle, I know we can help customers achieve their fitness goals by offering a superior product at a fair price.

Also, as a current law enforcement officer, I know the requirements of my profession.  Being physically fit and staying in shape is a must to not only do my job correctly, but to make sure I have ever advantage with dealing with violent subjects.  I want all law enforcement, military, fire and 1st responders to achieve and excel past their fitness goals. Not only for them and their families but for those they protect and help.

- Shaun Crandall, Founder/CEO

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